In the Age of the Data Breach, How Are You Preparing Your Customers for the Unexpected?


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In 2018, there were 1,138 reported data breaches. That’s a drastic increase from the amount reported in 2005 (66.9) when data breaches began officially being tracked. So what’s changed over the last 14 years? Well, you can now order an Uber/Lyft on your mobile device, rent a place to stay on demand with Airbnb, and send/receive payments to/from your friends & family members on PayPal and Venmo (among other such services).

However, the boom in tech innovation and e-commerce also brought along a great deal more user data shared with and between businesses. And in the age of major data breaches, hackers have taken advantage of this surplus of consumer data: hacking remained the top method of data compromise in 2018, accounting for 39% of all breaches, exposing more than 16 million consumer records. What’s more, identity thieves have begun targeting their efforts so they know who to pursue. While the individual consumer is responsible for most data creation (70%), 80% of all data is stored by enterprises – businesses like you.

Our white paper, Part II: Before the Aftermath – The Importance of Identity Protection in the Age of the Data Breach, explores the evolving data breach landscape, including global and national regulations put in place to protect citizens (i.e. GDPR and CCPA, California’s new data protection legislation); U.S. consumer sentiment toward identity protection; and ways you can help prepare and protect your customers from identity theft and fraud – offering a comprehensive identity protection service being number one.

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Don’t have time to read the full white paper right now? Take a look at its accompanying infographic for key stats mentioned in the white paper.



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