It’s Easy to Stay Safe Online, Especially with Iris’ PC/Mac Health Check Cyber Protection Service

With tech support scams on the rise, Iris® Powered by Generali is offering consumers a safe and easy way to check if their PC or Mac is operating at full capacity and doesn’t contain unknown security risks.

“The two technicians I spoke with were fantastic. They are an asset to [Iris Powered by Generali]. They were very knowledgeable, courteous, patient, and personable. They resolved all my problems. I am so happy I have this product.”
– Iris® Powered by Generali Customer

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This offer is only valid Oct. 1 - Oct. 31, 2022

This Cybersecurity Awareness Month, let Iris’ expert specialists:


Scan & Resolve

Scan and remove infections such as virus, malware, adware, etc. where possible

Update & Upgrade

Perform any necessary updates and upgrades of operating system patches related to security vulnerabilities


Tune-up the device to improve performance
and operability

Did You Know...

Tech support fraud involves a criminal claiming to provide customer, security, or technical support to defraud unsuspecting individuals. Criminals may pose as support representatives offering to resolve such issues as a compromised email or bank account, a computer virus, or a software license renewal.

In 2021, the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) received 23,903 complaints related to tech support fraud from victims in 70 countries.
The losses in 2021 amounted to more than $347 million, a 137% increase in losses from 2020.
Nearly a third (31%) of US/UK surveyed consumers say they either “sometimes,” “rarely,” or “never” install software updates.

One of the easiest ways to keep your information secure is to keep your software and apps updated.