Identity theft and fraud can, unfortunately, happen to anyone. In fact, 10 million Americans were victims of identity fraud in 2020, according to Javelin Strategy & Research’s 2021 Identity Fraud Study. Understanding the source of risk at a personal level can help consumers secure their personal information. With IDRiskIQ™, your customers can measure their risk level and receive feedback on steps they can take to help lower their chances of becoming a victim of these crimes.


How Does IDRiskIQ Work?

Iris' proprietary IDRiskIQ tool allows users to take a brief assessment that evaluates their demographics, online behavioral attributes, and the devices they use to better assess their susceptibility to fraud. Your customers will receive their score along with immediate, personalized feedback on steps they can take to protect themselves against cybercrime and identity fraud. 



Age, location, education, income, and other demographic data may put consumers at a higher or lower risk than the national average. 



Selective sharing on social media, account privacy settings, and password choices are critical factors in preventing fraud.



Keeping devices secure and up-to-date, safely accessing public WiFi, and more can help keep thieves at bay.

The Results

Instantly sent to your customers' email inbox

After the assessment responses are processed through our proprietary algorithm,
end-users will receive an email with a link to their personalized IDRiskIQ results.