GGA's 4th Annual Holiday Identity Theft Survey:

An Infographic Ebook

GGAs 4th Annual Holiday Identity Theft Survey_cover page[2]

The holidays are the sweetest time of year... Well, most of the time anyway. Scammers and fraudsters can quickly sour your customers' holiday season if they're not protected. And unfortunately, most aren't.

Your customers will already be facing enough challenges as it is this year, as the country continues to battle the COVID-19 pandemic. Colds will feel really scary; many family get-togethers will be cancelled; and traditional holiday events will be put on hold for the safety of all.

While your customers focus on keeping their family healthy by opting to stay at home, you can help ease their minds about one thing: keeping their identities safe. If you think cybercrime, fraud, and scams aren't on their minds this year, our survey results tell a different story.