Child Identity Fraud: A Web of Deception and Loss

2021 Child Identity Fraud Study - Cover

Child identity fraud costs U.S. families nearly $1 billion annually. It affects one out of every 50 children annually and takes parents and guardians a tremendous amount of time to resolve. Although child ID theft and fraud are not new, the topic has taken on new and concerning relevance amid the accelerating use of social media, remote learning, and digital purchasing. This report delves into child ID theft and fraud in the United States and showcases the behaviors and characteristics that put children at greatest risk. The report also equips consumers with resources and advice to help identify child ID fraud, resolve it, and prevent it from happening in the future.

Javelin Strategy & Research has made this report a complimentary resource available to the general public. As child ID fraud is extremely underreported and misunderstood, our goal is to help consumers understand how they can best protect themselves and their children.