Throughout the entire month of October, GGA will be offering free use of our ScamAssist™ service to all consumers. ScamAssist is a service that, with the assistance of our expert Resolution Specialists, takes solicitations you receive, performs expert research of the solicitations, and delivers case-by-case assessments on the likelihood of it being a scam. With the help of GGA’s ScamAssist, your risk of inadvertently providing funds or sensitive information to a con artist will be greatly reduced.

So, what do you need to do in order to take advantage of this month-long offer?

Simply call us at 866.311.1488 with the solicitation (acceptable solicitation types listed below) using policy number CSAM 2020, and allow our specialists to review and research any unfamiliar solicitation offering a supposed benefit or requesting payment and/or other personal information.

Our Resolution Specialists will then provide you with guidance on the probable legitimacy of the solicitation. Within two (2) business days of receipt of messages, our Resolution Specialists will:

  • Scrutinize message(s) customers have received for signs of fraud;
  • Conduct research on any organizations a solicitation claims to be from;
  • Compare offers to other known scams and phishing attempts;
  • Provide a written assessment of what we believe is the level of legitimacy of the received message.

Acceptable Solicitation Types

  • Email
  • Websites or Web Links/URLs
  • Flyers or Postal Mailings
  • Phone Calls or Voicemails
  • Text Messages

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Please Note: No system used to detect scammers, malware or dangerous items is entirely successful or foolproof. Accordingly, members who access and use ScamAssist do so entirely at the members’ own risk. GGA’s ScamAssist services are provided to members on an “as is” and “as available” basis. Without limiting the foregoing, GGA and its affiliates, agents, partners, and subsidiaries disclaim to the maximum extent allowed by law any warranties, express or implied, of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement in connection with ScamAssist. By asking us to evaluate a contact, offer, or solicitation through the GGA ScamAssist service, you agree: 1) that ScamAssist helps to determine whether an offer or solicitation is legitimate or poses an apparent threat, but it may not necessarily detect all threats and credit card scams; 2) that GGA is not responsible or liable for the availability, accuracy, or effectiveness of the techniques, products, tools, or resources used by GGA in its ScamAssist service; 3) that any references or links to websites or resources that GGA may send to you in response to your case do not imply any endorsement by GGA of the content, products, or services of such websites or resources; 4) that by using ScamAssist, you understand that GGA cannot and does not guarantee the safety of items checked using ScamAssist services; and 5) that you assume all responsibility and risk arising from using, “clicking on”, responding to, or otherwise engaging with any offer or solicitation that you may receive.