Seniors & Millennials: Uncovering the Likenesses & Disparities in Today’s Digital Age


Both seniors and millennials are impacting the U.S. in discernable and distinctive ways, affecting everything from the housing market to workplace culture to the healthcare industry. And with seniors and millennials making up over half the U.S. population – seniors making up 28.9% and millennials making up 23.3% – it’s easy to understand why.

While these two subsets of society are markedly different, there’s more to it than just age influencing one’s thoughts and opinions. Indeed, the experiences with which they grew up; the technology they had at their disposal; and the societal norms that existed during their formative years heavily impact who they are today. With this in mind, there’s no denying that general stereotypes have emerged for both groups – some with more credence than others.

But seniors and millennials may be more alike than many believe.