Identity Protection API

Power your own identity monitoring and alerts directly through your app or product.

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What the Identity Protection API Offers

The Iris Identity Protection API gives you the flexibility of seamless integration into your existing digital properties, such as your software product, mobile app, online member portal, or other environment.

Embedded Feature

Provide your users with identity monitoring and alerts as a native feature of your existing app or interface. You enjoy total flexibility to build the user interface and use the terminology that you need to best serve your audience.

Customizable Fields

Pick and choose which types of sensitive personal data make the most sense to offer your users for monitoring. Placement, sequence, and titling of fields is up to you. Take advantage of all the standard data fields for individuals and/or small businesses that come with our Identity Monitoring feature.

Versatile Alerts

Relay identity alerts through the channels that fit your audience — whether that’s in-app, email, or SMS. Emulate the presentation structure that we use in our own OnWatch® Identity Portals — or come up with a fresh structure that fits the type of product you offer.

World-Class Security

Provide peace of mind and a competitive advantage with the highest security standards in the industry. Customers’ sensitive data is protected via encryption and hashing throughout its journey. We have passed current compliance audits for PCI DSS Level 1, SOC 2 Type 1, and CSA STAR Level 2 standards.

Working with Iris as a Platform API Partner

When you leverage the distinctive Iris Identity Protection API to power your own identity monitoring and alerts features, you enjoy a number of benefits and a wealth of resources to help you out.


Data Normalization and Aggregation

Iris plugs into an evolving base of monitoring partners who enable us to supply intelligence on the dark, deep, and public web. But different sources categorize data in different ways.
By using the Iris Identity Protection API, you can rely on Iris to stay on top of aggregating, reconciling, and processing this raw data — giving you a shortcut to offer extensive identity monitoring coverage to your customers.

Robust Documentation and Support

Provide your technical team with the documentation needed to:
  • Collect sensitive data from users for monitoring within your interface
  • Receive alerts data from Iris in your system
  • Display alerts data to users within your interface
  • Track usage and API call metrics for your own analysis
Pick from several tiers of API implementation support to meet your organization’s needs.

Sample Best Practices Guidance

We know that you might be just starting out with identity protection. Make use of Iris’ sample designs and user flows as a starting point to create your own user experience.


Flexible Data Handling

Either pass data through your system to Iris via API or let Iris handle data directly so your systems never touch it.

Ready To Power Your Own Features Using the Iris Identity Protection API?

Our API support package meets you where you are — whether you integrate with other tech all the time or are simply considering this option. Elevate your brand reputation and competitive strength by adding a secure identity protection feature to your product today. If you think the Identity Protection API might be for you, make sure to learn about our flexible customer enrollment and access options as well.