Brandable Protection Against Today's Sophisticated Scams


Scammers today use increasingly convincing tactics — making it hard for consumers to discern legitimate messages from deceptions. When your customer receives a message that they suspect is a scam, how can they tell if it’s safe to interact with it? ScamAssist is a distinctive scam analysis tool and 24/7 service that helps your customers avoid falling for scams of all kinds.



Our team of trained experts investigates any suspicious message a customer submits for signs of fraud.



Our experts analyze these messages using a rigorous proprietary methodology, comparing them to known scams and phishing schemes.



Our team sends the customer a detailed assessment of how likely the message is to be a scam and recommends the next steps.

Offer ScamAssist as a Brandable Service — Bundled With Your Other Offerings

Simple online submission with 24/7 access to scam experts

ScamAssist includes both an easy digital submission experience for suspicious emails and access to our Resolution Specialists for support on any type of scams — email, phone, text message, or direct mail. Create a seamless experience for your customers by offering ScamAssist in your brand and incorporating online access via your existing customer interface.
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Americans lost $28 billion to scams in 2021

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$1,029 lost per victim on average

27 Million U.S. Consumers Lost $28 Billion to Scams in 2021¹

Cons and scams are nothing new, but they remain effective — Americans lost a total of $28 billion to scams in 2021, with an average loss of $1,029 per victim. As consumers have shifted to more convenient ways of managing their personal finances such as email, websites, and smartphones, scammers have followed with techniques that are increasingly sophisticated and more difficult to discern. Give your customers a trusted resource they can turn to for peace of mind with Iris Powered by Generali's ScamAssist service.

1. Javelin Strategy & Research, Identity Fraud Study, 2022

ScamAssist Can Help Prevent Consumers from Falling Victim to Scams
or Divulging Private Information

The secret to ScamAssist's success is the involvement of our full-time U.S.-based resolution team.
Our scam analysis experts act as trusted advisors to customers by evaluating a wide range of solicitations using a consistent, proprietary methodology.

Suspicious Messages We'll Evaluate Include:
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In 2022, the IC3 received nearly 22,000 business email compromise (BEC) complaints, with adjusted losses over $2.7 billion. BEC scams leverage social engineering and cyberattack techniques to trick consumers into performing an action, ultimately leading to compromise. ScamAssist allows your customers to submit suspicious emails for review online to help mitigate their risk.


Websites or Web Links/URLs

According to the Anti Phishing Working Group, phishing attempts tripled since 2020, with 214,345 phishing websites identified in 2021. These fake websites trick consumers into divulging financial and personal data, such as their usernames and passwords. ScamAssist provides your customers the tools and resources to help give them peace of mind before clicking on links in suspicious communications they’ve received.


Flyers or Postal

The average American household receives 454 pieces of marketing mail each year. Fraudsters will use imposter tactics to get your customers’ attention – and ultimately their identity – via exciting offers or intimidating threats. ScamAssist provides consumers tips and best practices to help them spot common warning signs and mitigate their risk of fraud.


Phone Calls
or Voicemails

In 2022, the Federal Trade Commission received nearly 300,000 reports of fraudulent phone calls, with total losses amounting to $798 million. Telephone scammers will use every trick in the book to steal your customers’ money or personally identifiable information. Let ScamAssist help you give them peace of mind from any scam.


Text Messages

In 2022, the Federal Trade Commission received 321,374 reports of fraudulent text messages or SMS, otherwise known as smishing. Truecaller Insights found that the average American receives 19.5 scam texts per month. Offer your customers ScamAssist to let our powerful technology and expert Resolution Specialists thoroughly vet the solicitation and let them know if the text message in question is legitimate or not.

Iris® Powered by Generali is not responsible or liable for the availability, safety, accuracy, or effectiveness of the techniques, products, tools, or resources used by Iris® Powered by Generali in its ScamAssist® service and customers’ access and use of ScamAssist® is entirely at their own risk.

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