Tailor-Made, Custom-Built Identity Protection:
Because “Standard” Doesn’t Work for Most Organizations

If you’re still not quite sure what your ideal identity protection solution would look like, no worries (hopefully exploring our site will spark some ideas). When you’re ready, let’s talk about your business needs, goals, and pain points — and put together the perfect identity protection package for your customers. In the meantime, have a look around.

Iris Is Identity Protection Built Exactly How You Want

When you’re considering partnering with an identity protection provider, there’s much to think about. What will the user experience look like? How will program engagement and activation be encouraged? Will your business benefit in the way you envision? What kind of support will you, the client, receive?

It’s the answers to these questions that make us different.


Choose from over a dozen identity & cyber protection tools and services with Iris. We don’t do preset packages – you hand pick the components and protection pieces that you want to offer your customers. Not sure? We love collaborating and constructing the perfect package for our partners.


Offer your customers identity protection via the interface of your choice—whether that’s within your existing digital experience via API integration (such as your app or website), with one of our web-based portals in your branding, or with a standalone feature as a brandable micro-experience.

Monitoring Vendors

Other identity protection providers typically offer identity monitoring through a third-party vendor. Key word is a. We allow our clients to have a choice of vendors via our vendor ingestion and evaluation process (and you can use multiple!). By combining vendors, customers receive the most comprehensive monitoring service humanly possible – okay, some of it is automated.

Vendor Pipeline

The Iris platform plugs into an evolving base of monitoring and cybersecurity data partners—allowing you to provide your customers with breadth and depth of identity protection coverage. And, we’ll do the work of aggregating and normalizing data from numerous sources, and of developing secure integrations with specific partner organizations. By doing so, we’re able to give our clients unparalleled choice among the types of data and protection they want to provide to their unique customer base.


Iris enables your customers to access your identity protection services in a way that works best with your business or membership model—whether that means they connect through your existing system via SSO, supply a member ID or promo code, get enrolled via API or recurring list uploads, or something else. This ensures that your customer journey closely mimics that of your other products, so that your identity protection program feels authentic.

Data Storage

The storage and retrieval of sensitive data is an important component of providing identity protection that shouldn’t be overlooked. We sit down with our partners and discuss their risk tolerance and storage capabilities, so that we can work out an ideal solution that benefits their organization best.

Going Global? We’ve Got You!

Iris is proudly paving the way for international identity & cyber protection solutions. Of course, it’s also nice being owned by the multinational Generali and Europ Assistance Groups, present in over 200 countries worldwide.

Not only is our operational footprint extensive – currently supporting identity and cyber protection services in 90+ counties around the world – but we’ve got the tools to go wherever your business is: Our Resolution Center relies on modern cloud technology that can be set up anywhere in the world, and our portal supports 13 languages and counting.

If your goal is to scale globally, we’re the right partner for the job.


Ready To Take the Next Step?

Curious what your unique identity protection program would look like? You’re in the right spot. Contact us now to get started.