Iris Micro-Experiences

Brandable, individual solutions: use them to complement existing offerings or to drive conversions for your star product. However you incorporate them into your strategy, Iris Micro-Experiences produce big results.

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Increase and Enrich Your Customers’
Positive Interactions With Your Company

Offer an individual, user-friendly Iris Micro-Experience to customers – in your branding or ours – without the need for an Iris OnWatch portal or interface development on your end. Whether you choose a single Micro-Experience or a combination of them, you’re providing a valuable, customer-centric solution that solves real problems for your customers – and it can be delivered to them in as little as 30 days.



Scammers today use increasingly convincing tactics — making it hard for consumers to discern legitimate messages from deceptions. When your customer receives a message that they suspect is a scam, how can they tell if it’s safe to engage? ScamAssist is a distinctive scam analysis tool and 24/7 service that helps your customers avoid falling for scams of all kinds.

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Resolution Services

When your customers work with our experts, we ensure a compassionate customer experience filled with empathy because we understand the challenges they’re facing. Your customers will be treated with respect, offered multilingual assistance, and have 24/7/365 access to Iris’ team to resolve all types of identity theft and fraud.

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Beneficiary Companion

At a time of loss, the last thing survivors want to have to deal with is the theft or fraudulent use of a deceased loved one’s identity. With Iris’ Beneficiary Companion, a dedicated coordinator is available 24/7 to put measures in place to help prevent fraud of the deceased’s identity and handle a multitude of administrative details like time-consuming phone calls and stressful paperwork.

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Ready To Host a Micro-Experience?

The best solutions allow users to solve their problems quickly and easily and provide the ability to choose when to engage. And the choices don't end there; we can also work together to determine the customer enrollment option that's best for your business model.