Identity Theft & Cybercrime Are Everywhere –
So Identity & Cyber Protection Should Be, Too.

Iris isn’t only revolutionizing how organizations provide identity protection to Americans. With programs in 6 continents and 112 countries, Iris is proudly setting the bar for what it means to be a global identity protection provider. If internationalizing identity protection is part of your strategy, let’s pave the way together.

Global Customization

We’re leveraging our knack for customization so that customers around the globe can experience the power of Iris –
because effective identity protection must be uniquely tailored to local market knowledge, data practices, and regulations. 

Our global roadmap is continually evolving. Here are just a few of the key milestones we’ve reached as we’ve enabled
organizations around the world to offer identity protection to their local markets: 

25 Different Languages

25 different languages, powered by 100% human translation from native speakers 

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Worldwide API

Iris Identity Protection API available worldwide—with monitoring and alerts accessible via clients’ own mobile app or other digital environment

U.S. Portal in Spanish & English

U.S. portal experience in both Spanish & English, along with 24/7 Spanish resolution support 

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Localized Fraud Guidance

Identity theft protection kits in 19 countries, providing localized fraud guidance

GDPR Enabled

GDPR-compliant platform for customers in the European Union

Localized Resolution

Agents trained in 10 countries to provide localized identity theft resolution advice and support

Global Resolution Teams

Global resolution teams located in both Brazil and France, providing localized support for several multinational companies in multiple languages across more than 16 countries and four continents

Southeast Asia Availability

Available in Southeast Asia, serving customers in 10 languages across 8 countries—including offering signup and login via phone number alone, based on research showing that these consumer bases were mobile-first (and many citizens not even having email addresses)

Right-to-Left Language Support

Support for right-to-left reading languages such as Arabic

Identity Monitoring Portal With Mobile-First Activation and Login

An added protection boost for an audience who lives on their smartphones

As a telecommunications or other consumer technology company serving a market that relies primarily on their smartphone to tap into modern digital technologies, you want to make sure that any service you offer meets them where they are.  By making it easy for your users to activate their account, get alerts, and log in regularly all with just their phone number, you make it possible to provide them critical protection against identity theft—and you retain their trust and business. 

Experience Option: OnWatch® Portal
Enrollment Option:
Eligibility- or Code-Based or API Integration

Identity Monitoring Portal + Device Protection + Local Identity Assistance

Powerful identity & device protection because you want to protect what matters most to your customers

Savvy insurance companies are constantly looking for ways to differentiate themselves in an increasingly competitive marketplace. And while a stellar customer experience is a must, loyal customers are also ones that feel cared for and valued. Launching an Iris portal (in your branding) with identity monitoring and device protection software, along with localized resolution support, provides your customers with an identity protection program that can make them feel empowered and safe.

Experience Option: OnWatch® Portal
Enrollment Option:
Direct Enrollment, Management API integration, or SSO

Identity Protection API

A seamlessly integrated security benefit for telco/software companies to merge with existing offerings

Your developers are delivering innovative and useful tools and services to your customers, but monitoring the deep & dark web for compromised credentials or leaked data and sending alerts when suspicious activity is found is just not in their wheelhouse. Until now. Your team can build the UI they want and integrate Iris identity monitoring with any other products/services you offer with our Identity Protection API.

Experience Option: Identity Protection API
Enrollment Option:
API Integration


Ready To Be a Pioneer in the Internationalization of Identity Protection?

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