One or 3-Bureau Credit Alerts for Identity Protection Flexibility

Credit Monitoring & Alerts

Iris' Credit Monitoring can track profile changes at all three major credit bureaus – Equifax®, TransUnion®, and Experian® – to help ensure nothing falls through the cracks. Customers receive detailed notifications of suspicious activities, such as new credit inquiries or accounts. Providing your customers access to their credit report and score is also an option.

Credit Monitoring Reveals Potential Fraud Faster

Javelin Strategy & Research reported that consumers lost $3.2 billion to new account fraud in 2022, with fraudulent credit card accounts making up 30% of losses.  If fraudulent accounts go unnoticed, damage can increase exponentially. Iris’ Credit Monitoring services notify customers the moment a change is made to their credit profile, so unauthorized credit accounts are never overlooked.

Keep Your Customers Informed to Minimize Damage

Provide your customers with notifications anytime unauthorized inquiries or suspicious activities are detected on their credit file, allowing them to take immediate action to minimize damage. Credit Monitoring also assists your customers in spotting errors on their credit report(s) as well as unauthorized changes that may indicate fraud.

The Iris platform allows you to:
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Offer Extensive Coverage

Provide your customers with alerts about a comprehensive range of changes relevant to their credit record, including critical identity theft indicators such as:

  • New account opened
  • Address change
  • New credit inquiry
  • New authorized card user
  • New auto lease
  • Card reported lost/stolen
  • Bankruptcy notice
  • Listed as deceased
  • Vantage Score change
  • And much more!

Send Immediate Alerts

Notify customers the moment lenders request access to their credit report — stopping thieves before damage is done. A credit inquiry is pulled by a lender or landlord before extending credit and can warn before:

  • New credit cards or bank accounts are opened
  • Car loans are taken out
  • Apartments are rented using their credit
  • Or other fraudulent actions occur


Interested in Offering Credit Monitoring and Alerts?

Including credit monitoring and alerts in your Iris identity protection program is a great way to stay competitive and ensure you're offering a well-rounded suite to your customer base.