We Wow Your Customers, Every Call

Driven by a simple mission, we’ve been assisting customers in times of need for almost 20 years: “From distress to relief – anytime, anywhere.” Whether you choose to white-label your Iris program or not, we know our always-available, multilingual specialists are an extension of your brand. We turn sometimes-stressful situations into best-customer-service-I’ve-ever-had experiences.

Award-winning, White-glove Assistance & Support

The unfortunate reality is that most call centers don’t prioritize empathy in their customer interactions. At Iris, it’s all about empathy – and it makes all the difference. Whether you choose a fully integrated comprehensive identity & cyber protection program or standalone support services, your customers’ interactions with Iris specialists will always be ones worth raving about.

And when your customers have an amazing experience with us, it means they’ve had an amazing experience with your business. With just a 13-second average speed to answer, we delight them from the get-go. From there, it only gets better – we don’t measure our specialists on how quickly they get customers off the phone, instead focusing on factors like professionalism, a caring attitude, and the outcome of the call.


Our Experts Have the Credentials To Back It Up

When your customer calls, they reach an expert who has not only undergone extensive in house-training, but has also achieved a range of the following third-party credentials.

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Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)-Certified

The FCRA Basic Certificate Program provides participants with a firm understanding of foundational information core to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

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Certified Identity Theft Protection
Advisor (CIPA)

The CIPA program is an international identity theft management certification designed to allow trainees to better educate, guide, and support consumers with their identity theft prevention, detection, investigation, and resolution solutions.

Certified Identity Theft Risk
Management Specialists (CITRMS)*

The Institute of Consumer Financial Education’s (ICFE) Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist – CITRMS® XV is the nation’s only acclaimed training program in Identity Theft Risk Management.
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CompTIA Security+

CompTIA Security+ is a globally trusted, vendor-neutral certification that validates the baseline skills necessary to perform core security functions.
*Certification type is dependent on the job title within the resolution department. Based on case type, cases are assigned accordingly to the appropriately certified resolution specialist.

Customer Testimonials

While some companies are happy to get testimonials from time to time,
we get hundreds a month, routinely blowing our customers away.