Iris Identity & Cyber Protection Solutions

If your current product portfolio doesn’t include identity protection, your customers are likely being left to worry about their risk. Position your business as their trusted protector, and provide the peace of mind they deserve – with Iris.

Solutions Tailored To Meet Your Business Needs

Each Iris solution has been thoughtfully curated to enrich your customers’ lives.
No filler features – just easy-to-use, helpful tools & services that can be mixed and matched
to produce the perfect protection program for your business.


Identity Monitoring & Alerts

Iris scours the deepest corners of the Internet, searching for compromised credentials and potentially damaging use of personal information in order to detect fraud at its inception and warn users so they can take immediate action.

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Credit Monitoring & Alerts

Iris’ credit monitoring services can track credit reports from the three major credit bureaus – TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax – searching for changes that could indicate fraud.

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Available on a brandable online platform, ScamAssist® combines industry-leading scam detection tools and Iris’ certified Resolution Specialists to determine the legitimacy of suspicious messages. Users will receive a professional assessment of the message, along with personalized recommendations for next steps.

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Email Health Check

Our dynamic search tool allows users to see if their email address has been compromised in a data breach. Email Health Check provides detailed information regarding where and when the instance occurred, the specific information found, as well as next steps to remedy the uncovered security issues.

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Personal Cyber Protection

Our cyber protection services are designed to minimize cyber threats, offer expert guidance, and provide restoration support should your customers' computers, mobile devices, or home internet be impacted by a cyberattack.

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Resolution Services

Our Resolution Specialists are FCRA-,CIPA®-, CompTIA Security+, and CTRMS- certified. Unlike traditional call centers, our Resolution Specialists are not measured on metrics like call duration or calls per hour. Rather, empathy, assistance, and immediate action are their top priorities.

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Beneficiary Companion®

The death of a loved one triggers a series of tasks that require immediate attention. At a time of loss, the last thing survivors want to have to deal with is the theft or fraudulent use of a deceased loved one’s identity. With Beneficiary Companion, we focus on reducing their risk while you focus on the healing process.

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Ready To Offer an Iris Solution to Your Customers?

Our solutions set is always expanding in both breadth and depth. This means our development efforts aren’t spent on simply racking up a long feature list; we’re continuously evaluating where we can add customer value and enhance the customer experience via current and new solutions. Now let’s explore some options for getting your solutions delivered.