Iris' 7th Annual Holiday Identity Theft Survey:
An Infographic eBook

Prices, Scams, & Worries are Booming

Though none of us are happy about rising prices and scams, we can’t say we’re surprised. Inflation has been hitting us hard this past year and so have scammers. As a result, the American consumer has a lot to worry about this holiday season. Iris® Powered by Generali conducted its 7th Annual Holiday Shopping Identity Theft Survey to gauge consumer sentiments, identify trends in the identity theft and scam landscape, and pinpoint any anomalies.

The results are in, and your customers are still spending, with certain demographics spending more money in general, some more likely to shop in-store, and others more likely to buy because of social media ads. Like past years, worries about data breaches and scams still loom. But there’s a general consensus amongst all of your customers: offering protection against these threats can instill greater customer confidence in your brand.