Partner Marketing Support

At GGA, we prefer a partnership approach when it comes to providing marketing support because we know that each partner has its own set of objectives and goals when implementing a new service. We’re committed to ensuring that you get the most out of your new program and can fully serve those you’re protecting.

The Accelerate program compliments GGA’s account management by providing strategic and practical marketing support to drive enrollment and boost engagement of your identity protection program. Our Partner Marketing Manager will collaborate with you and your marketing resources to develop a launch strategy, design engaging campaigns, create customized collateral and more.


Program launch process

Creating an effective program is our top priority. We partner with you to develop a strategic marketing support plan to help ensure success.


From the start, you will be assigned a Partner Marketing Manager, who will work with you and your GGA Account Director to discuss current processes and program goals to decide what marketing support would be most appropriate. We will provide strategy and campaign consultation for maximum education and awareness.

Customized Collateral

Raise awareness of your new identity protection program with customized, eye-catching collateral containing a variety of messaging and imagery options. Each document will be customized with your program name, branding, and call-to-action.

Additional Content

To help promote your program, we’ll provide customizable HTML email templates that contain a brief identity protection overview and a description of your program’s features. We’ll also assist with creating custom social media posts.

Ongoing Marketing Support

Keep your audiences informed of ongoing trends in identity theft protection while driving program engagement with our GGA Identity Protection Partner Portal and GGA ID Insights newsletter.

GGA Identity Protection Partner Portal

In addition to professional support from our award-winning marketing and account management team, our identity protection partner portal allows you to access a wide library of marketing templates, engaging content, shareable research, educational videos, and sales playbooks. You can download our materials and adapt them to your audience or deliver them directly to a point of contact from the portal.

We are regularly updating the portal with multimedia content that covers identity, cybersecurity, and privacy matters to help you better sell your program, keep your audiences informed, and demonstrate that your organization is well-versed in one of the most salient issues of our time.

GGA ID Insights Newsletter

Our bi-monthly newsletter includes shareable content and valuable information about the identity theft ecosystem and how it impacts your customers. We provide you timely information on:

  • The latest developments and updates to our product and services

  • New content and updates made to the Partner Portal

  • GGA IDP’s latest content, news and events

Educational Materials

Identity theft is on the rise and while many people have heard about it, few people understand the long-term financial and emotional impact of being a victim. Define identity theft for your audience and showcase the value of your identity protection program in minimizing their risk with:

  • A “360° Identity Protection” brochure that defines identity theft and includes useful day-to-day tips for enhancing identity safety.

  • An “Introducing Identity Theft Protection” PowerPoint presentation that introduces key concepts of identity protection, summarizes the risk of identity theft, and provides a brief overview of your program.

Additional Program Support

GGA can provide the following services to maximize the effectiveness of your identity protection program and support your organizational goals.*

Strategic Marketing & Sales Workshop
We recognize that each organization is different – with different audiences, communication styles, and expertise. This one-day session is designed to cross-share information about the identity theft market while creating a strategic roadmap for collaborative sales and marketing efforts.

Tailored Webinars
Empower your sales staff with a 45-minute webinar that includes a product demo, sales tips, and an overview of the identity theft landscape, completely customized to the needs of your team.

Virtual Presentations
Further engage your salesforce or your end-users with virtual presentations by a GGA identity team member. Each presentation is tailored to your audience.

*Additional program support is available upon request and the client may be responsible for associated development fees.