Iris’ credit and identity monitoring warns users of potential suspicious activity, allowing them to take immediate action should the activity be unauthorized. Users are able to view alert details, close out any legitimate activity, or flag reports that need immediate attention – all from our easy-to-use online dashboard. Whatever the case, our award-winning Resolution Specialists are standing by 24/7 to help.


Alert Toolkit

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Credit Monitoring Alerts

Users are notified anytime the following is reported:

  • New credit inquiries
  • Address change
  • New credit account opened
  • Delinquent accounts
  • Change of account information
  • Account payment status change
  • Exceeded credit limit
  • New employer
  • Bankruptcy reports and changes
  • Fraud alert activation
  • Account(s) in collections
  • Card reported lost or stolen
  • Creditor settlement
  • New public record in your name
  • Name change
  • Records show you are deceased
Identity Monitoring Alerts

Users are notified when pieces of their identity are found on the deep and dark web, while also providing them details and remediation steps so they can take immediate action to minimize damage.

  • High-Risk Transactions
  • Unlike other providers, Iris’ identity monitoring also monitors for high-risk transactions with more than 2,500 U.S. corporations, including 100% of banks, to uncover and thwart account takeover attempts.
  • Compromised Credentials
  • Monitors users’ online credentials on sources such as hacker dump sites, the black market, hacktivist forums, file sharing portals, botnet exfiltration, data leaks, and malware logs.
  • Internet Black Market Surveillance
  • Monitors the underground economy to uncover exposed, sensitive information to determine if personal identifying information appears. Additionally, users are notified of upcoming expirations associated with information they enter for monitoring.


Defend personal information and secure digital profile.


Track identity risk level and detect fraud early.


See suspicious activity and take action immediately.


Repair problems quickly and easily with help from Iris’ experts.

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