Iris’ award-winning platform utilizes automated monitoring and human threat intelligence that is continuously surveying cyber criminals and their tactics on the deep and dark web where personal data is bought and sold.


Detection Toolkit

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Prior Incident Detection

Iris’ identity monitoring service conducts a look-back, searching potentially compromised data to identify previously unknown incidents of identity theft.

Credit Monitoring

Iris’ credit monitoring services track credit reports from the three major credit bureaus – TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax – searching for changes that could indicate fraud.

Identity Monitoring

OnWatch® scours the deepest corners of the Internet, searching for compromised credentials and potentially damaging use of personal information in order to detect fraud at its inception and warn users so they can take immediate action. Additional details on Identity Monitoring can be found in the Alerts section.

Email Health Check

Our dynamic search tool allows users to see if their email address has been compromised in a data breach. Email Health Check provides detailed information regarding where and when the instance occurred, the specific information found, and provides users the specific steps needed to remedy the uncovered security issues.



Defend personal information and secure digital profile.


Track identity risk level and detect fraud early.


See suspicious activity and take action immediately.


Repair problems quickly and easily with help from Iris’ experts.

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