Iris arms your customers with a suite of user-friendly tools, online data protection software, educative resources, and more so that they can decrease their risk within minutes of activating their account.


Protection Toolkit

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24/7 Identity and Cyber Expertise

U.S.-based, certified Resolution Specialists who are FCRA-, CIPA-, and CTRMS-certified are available 24/7 to educate users on how identity theft occurs and provide tips to prevent incidents of identity fraud and cyberattacks. They’re also always available to schedule a call with a Cyber Specialist that will fully review any issue and/or system that may be impacted to provide prompt resolution.


IDRiskIQTM allows users to take a brief assessment that evaluates their demographics, online behavioral attributes, and the devices they use to better assess their susceptibility to fraud. Upon completion of the assessment, users will receive their IDRiskIQ score along with immediate, personalized feedback on steps they can take to protect themselves against cybercrime and identity fraud.

Breach Catalog

Breach Catalog is an easy-to-use, interactive tool that allows users the ability to search known data breach collections to see what consumer data has been exposed and opt-in for email notifications on future breaches related to a particular company, while also educating users on what to do if they have been affected.

ScamAssist® Research Service

If a user has received a message or offer that is either alarming or seems “too good to be true,” our ScamAssist® Specialists will review and research the solicitation before notifying the user whether or not the offer is a potential scam.

Self-Service Fraud Alert Activation

Our online dashboard allows users to place a notice on their credit report to alert potential creditors to contact them prior to issuing credit.

Monthly Risk Alert Newsletter Email

Regular communications sent to users to keep them abreast of identity-related threats that are commonly faced by today’s consumers, as well as the services and protections they can take advantage of through their identity theft protection program.

Digital Privacy Protection

Iris’ Online Data Protection software provides peace of mind when browsing the Internet. This protection includes three pieces of software: DataScrambler® (anti-keylogging), PhishBlock® (anti-phishing), and RansomStopTM (anti-ransomware).

Opt-Out Services

Iris’ opt-out services help protect privacy by reducing pre-approved credit card offers and marketing phone calls that can be used by thieves to steal personal information.

Preventative Education

Online resources to help educate users on how identity theft occurs, along with protective measures anyone can take to limit their risk.

Identity Theft Protection Kit

Iris’® Identity Theft Protection Kit explains many forms of identity theft in addition to providing prevention advice and resolution resources. The kit also contains a Federal Trade Commission sample affidavit form as well as sample letter templates for filing disputes in cases of identity theft or fraud.



Defend personal information and secure digital profile.


Track identity risk level and detect fraud early.


See suspicious activity and take action immediately.


Repair problems quickly and easily with help from Iris’ experts.

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