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Unmatched Flexibility, Uncompromising Identity Protection

At Iris, going beyond standard is our standard. From more traditional choices like which services to offer and in what branding to deeper dialogue on elements like the level of control you want, your comfort level managing sensitive data, and your needs around customer enrollment and access – we are here to listen (like really listen) and learn more about your business needs before developing a program to meet them.

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Extraordinary Customer Service, Exceptional Brand Representation

Call center success is often measured by handle times, wait times, and other productivity metrics that give little insight into the happiness of the customer. But not here. All Iris support staff (from our VP to our specialists) are measured on customer satisfaction because that’s what truly matters. We know that in the eyes of the customer, our brand is your brand, so empathy and care drive every interaction, providing resoundingly satisfying customer experiences – even when the issues at hand are downright terrifying.

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Distinctive Partner Marketing, Deliberate Program Support

Flyer templates are a nice touch, but in many cases they are not enough to really motivate your customers to activate and engage with their identity protection services. That’s why we start with a thoughtful, strategic program launch plan, based on your business and audience, and keep the support going with a bi-monthly newsletter full of tips, tools, campaigns, and content. In addition to a Partner Marketing Manager, you will have access to our Partner Portal to help drive continuous results for your identity protection program.

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We Protect People All Over the World

With a presence in over 110 countries, our identity & cyber protection services continue to go wherever our partners’ businesses take them. We’re intimately aware that identity theft and cybercrime knows no geographical bounds – but we also know that it looks different from country to country. That’s why we customize our solutions to address local market needs and your desired business model, seamlessly supporting your global growth aspirations.


Meet The People Who Power Iris

Iris Powered by Generali Global Identity & Cyber Protection Executive Team
Paige L. Schaffer

Chief Executive Officer

Erik Nienaber

Chief Technology & Product Officer

Eugenia Blackstone

Chief Marketing Officer

Keuty Gueye

VP, Financial Planning and Analysis

Eduardo Labanca

VP, Global Account Management

Jeff Elbaum

VP, Global Sales

Sidick Traore

VP, Global Service Delivery

Michele Krisanda

SVP, Global Product Development

Aditi Chandramani

VP, Product Delivery and QA

Sarat Marudhuri

Chief Architect

Constantly Recognized for Our Commitment to Clients and Their Customers


American Business Award Customer Service Department of the Year

Achievement in Products and Services Growth

Identity Theft | Detection & Resolution Service

Customer Service Department of the Year (Security)

International Business Award Customer Service Department of the Year

Best Workplace of the Year | USA and Canada

Company of the Year | Security Software

Marketing Campaign of the Year

Customer Service and Support Team-Department of the Year


Achievement in International Expansion

Customer Service and Support Project or Initiative of the Year

Milestone of the Year | Products and Services Growth

Marketing Campaign of the Year
Customer Marketing

Marketing Campaign of the Year
Engaged Community

Product Development Outstanding Performance

Top 10 Fraud Management Solution Providers 2022

American Business Award
Customer Service Department of the Year

American Business Award
Achievement in Customer Satisfaction

Customer Service & Support Outstanding Achievement

Customer Service and Support Team Department of the Year

Cyber Security Awards 2021
Cyber Security Software Company of the Year

American Business Award
Customer Service Department of the Year

American Business Award
2021 Achievement in Sales or Revenue Generation

TSR's Top 100
Top 100 Software Companies of 2021

Milestone of the Year
Partners and Distribution Growth

American Business Award
2020 Achievement in International Expansion

TSR's Top 25 Cybersecurity Companies of 2020

American Business Award
2020 Customer Service Department of the Year

Info Security PG’s Global Excellence Awards | Best Deployments in EMEA

American Business Award
Customer Service Team of the Year

PIMA 2018 Silver Marketing Team in the Self-Promotion Category

Parent Tested Parent Approved
2018 Winner

American Business Award
2018 Marketing Team of the Year

International Business Awards
2017 Customer Service Team of the Year

2017 Customer Service Team of the Year in the Financial Services & Insurance Category

2017 Small-Budget Marketing Campaign of the Year (<$3 million/ €5 million)

2017 Small-Budget Marketing Campaign of the Year (<$3 million)

Gold Customer Service Department of the Year in the Business Products Category

2017 Bronze Marketing Team of the Year in the Business Products and Services Category

2017 Integrated Trade Show Mktg Prog, Under $100K

Customer Service Department of the Year

2016 Customer Service Team of the Year Business Services Category

2015 Customer Service Department of the Year in the Business Services Category

2014 Best Use of Technology in Customer Service Category

Customer Service Team of the Year in the Banking, Financial Services and Business Category

See What Award Judges Have Had To Say About Us

Identity theft is one of the biggest issues in this modern era, which is very challenging to deal with. Iris taking such a step [to combat it] – not just in the USA but also across 27 countries – is impeccable. Wish them all the best to their success and expansion.

Very good metrics and customer service-related accomplishments, particularly in the context of this industry.

With the world shifting to the use of technology in a massive way – and with the large expansion in e-commerce around the world and the need of customers, institutions, and countries to preserve this digital exchange – it was necessary to expand the operations of protecting personal identity [information] significantly around the world, which has been achieved by Iris Powered by Generali to a large degree so far.

Great entry! It is a dominant player in the field of identity protection… Its consistent performance over the years is a clear demonstration of the convergence between technology, innovation, and shifting consumer preferences. Global market dynamics and market dislocations are some issues to watch over. Overall, well done!

Forward-thinking, market-leading business with customer service at the forefront of its priorities and a goal of continual improvement across the business.

It’s a truly remarkable feat to have achieved international expansion due to its unique identity protection service.

Extremely articulate story on how the Iris Resolution Center delivered very impressive results in several areas in 2019, while managing through a significant amount of change to their systems/tools and internal processes. Change is inevitable and expected in all businesses today, but when a team can not only adapt to significant change but thrive in these conditions, then they have really accomplished something special. The Resolution Center provides a very critical service to customers at a very stressful time in their lives, and it was great to read how much they improved in 2019 and how positively they impacted the lives of their customers.

Some Things You Should Know About Us

At Iris® Powered by Generali, it’s not really about us. It’s about how identity theft and cybercrime have become a reality for too many. It’s about understanding that people lead busy lives and are doing their best to manage everything but need help protecting their data. It’s about making a person feel whole again, when despite their best efforts, they’ve still become a victim. It’s about understanding that many companies do what we do – just not like we do.

Iris is a B2B2C global care company that offers always-available identity resolution experts (yes, we mean real people available 24/7/365, even if you find yourself needing to make a call at 2 am or on New Year’s Day) and tech-forward solutions that uncomplicate the protection process. We opened our first Washington, DC office in 1982 with a simple mission, bringing customers from distress to relief – anytime, anywhere. It’s a calling we’ve held close to our hearts for decades now, and it’s made helping victims of identity theft and cybercrime feel like the most natural thing in the world for us. Although there was no business model to follow in launching such a service, we knew victims desperately needed an advocate to help them navigate a notoriously difficult process. That’s how we became one of the very first identity theft resolution providers in the U.S. in 2004 – and that was just the first of our “firsts.” Having the 190-year-old multinational insurance megahouse, Generali, behind us doesn’t hurt either.

Today, our offering combines the world’s most caring, empathetic, expert assistance and support with the world’s most user-friendly and accessible identity protection technology. And whether your customers are in Brazil, Germany, or Vietnam, we know they’re still just trying to live life without worrying about their information getting into the wrong hands; that’s why we’ve got a solution no matter what your customers’ coordinates are. Ultimately, the most important thing to know about us is that we know it’s really not about us at all.