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Nov 11, 2022 Brittani Johnson

Our 6th Annual Holiday Shopping Identity Theft Survey Infographic eBook

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While the holidays can be a joyous occasion, this is also a busy time of year for your customers and…identity thieves. We released our 6th Annual Holiday Shopping Identity Theft survey results, polling consumers on their holiday shopping habits and the cybersecurity and identity theft concerns surrounding their shopping plans. Here are just a few key findings from this year’s survey:

  • Seven in 10 respondents (71%) express concerns about their personal and financial data being at risk during the holiday shopping season. Inflation remains the top concern for 69% of respondents, but data privacy remains the number two concern for nearly 40% of Americans.

  • 30% of men and 39% of Millennial shoppers plan to spend over $1,000 respectively during the holiday season, considerably higher than all other demographics.

  • One in three Americans (33%) trust e-retailers the most with their personal data this holiday shopping season, but nearly as many (29%) consider big box stores the most trustworthy.

Check out our infographic eBook to explore your customers’ concerns and what you can do to provide them peace of mind. Stay tuned for more detailed insights and practical tips you can share with your customers to help them protect themselves and their families this holiday season.

Download the infographic eBook today!


Published by Brittani Johnson November 11, 2022