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Dec 09, 2020 Brittani Johnson

Give the Gift of Identity Protection During the Holidays

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The holidays are a busy time of year for your customers, employees, and… identity thieves. It goes without saying that your customers and employees have a lot on their minds this season, but you can remind them that you’re invested in their safety and well-being by sharing identity theft protection tips.

Our free infographic ebook, “GGA’s 4th Annual Holiday Identity Theft Survey,” examines consumer sentiment on retail data breaches and the identity theft risks holiday shopping poses. A few key findings from the annual survey include:

  • 62% of holiday shoppers plan to use one credit card this holiday shopping season
  • 2 in 5 American consumers (43%) indicated that identity theft is their greatest threat this year
  • 64% of American consumers indicated they would feel more secure doing business with a retailer if that retailer offered them identity protection services

To help protect your customers & employees from identity theft this holiday shopping season and beyond, share these tips to help them avoid falling victim to fraud:

When shopping for the holidays:

  • Enable fraud alerts from your financial institution(s) in order to stay abreast of suspicious activity.
  • Check for the “https://” security designation on websites before entering any personal or financial details to ensure the website is secure.
  • Monitor all statements thoroughly for signs of unauthorized activity, and log into online banking and credit card accounts periodically to look for errors or signs of potential fraud.
  • Reduce the number of credit cards, and, instead, use or look for ones that offer the most fraud protection to help keep your identity safe and secure.

If opting to travel for the holidays:

  • Remember to follow CDC guidelines to help keep you and your family safe and healthy throughout this holiday season. Your physical health and financial wellness are tied together, so be sure to practice safe social-distancing efforts while out and about for the holidays.
  • Limit your use of public WiFi as much as possible. While these networks are incredibly convenient, very often they are unsecure. Never access your financial account or any other sites that require a password when using public WiFi.
  • Be cautious when using ATMs. Inspect the machine carefully before inserting your card. Fraudsters can attach card skimmers to the slot that capture your information when you insert it; very often, these look like they are part of the machine. Always shield the keypad when entering your PIN – scammers can also set up hidden video recorders. The safest ATMs to use are attached to banks in well-lit areas.
  • Lock up valuable documents and items wherever you’re staying while traveling. If you don’t need your passport, bank cards, or valuables, make sure they are locked in a safe.
  • Keep all IoT devices password protected. Your device passwords should not only be strong and unique, they should also be updated regularly to help thwart identity theft.

Your customers and employees should also be on the lookout for telephone and email scams that capitalize on consumers’ charitable inclinations during the holidays. Scammers use fraudulent organizations with familiar sounding names to request donations, preying on their charitable giving nature. Advise your customers/employees to always feel comfortable asking for more information, requesting verification in writing, or simply saying “no.”

Education and being proactive are two of the best ways to minimize the risks of identity theft. Download our free infographic ebook to learn more!

Interested in learning how you can keep your customers and employees safe with comprehensive identity & cyber protection? Request to speak with one of our business development representatives today.

Published by Brittani Johnson December 9, 2020