Data Deletion Process

Many individuals have access to identity and cyber protection services Iris provides, including certain services (such as an online identity portal or the ScamAssist® service), that may carry a partner’s or merchant’s branding.

Iris offers a straightforward and transparent process for any individual user of Iris’ products or services to request for their data to be deleted.

When you cancel your customer account or plan with us

When you initiate account cancellation, either through your online portal or by terminating service with the merchant who provided you with our services, it triggers an automated process with us to:


Remove your data from our systems


Remove your data from any authorized third-party systems that have been involved in delivering identity protection services to you

Shortly after the automated process is initiated, you should receive a confirmation message via your primary communication method.


For most customers, this is an email address.


For some customers, this may be a mobile phone where you have consented to receive SMS text messages.

How we handle data deletion requests (customers or website visitors)

As a customer of our services, when you cancel your account, most information you had entered in via your portal or provided in order to enroll in your program becomes scheduled for prompt automatic deletion.

However, if you wish to confirm that we have fully deleted your remaining personal data from our records (for example, if you are not a customer but have provided data as a visitor to our website), here is the process:

  1. Place your data deletion request. Typically, we recommend you use the contact information provided as part of your plan—this will be the most direct method.

    Otherwise, you may call us at +1 (866) 285-5204 or email us at

    When you contact us, please provide your name, contact information, and the best way to follow up with you.

  2. Confirm your identity. We will get in touch and authenticate you to ensure you are the account holder (if applicable).

  3. Wait while we fulfill your request. We will accelerate the deletion process timelines.

    1. All personal data related to you or your customer account will be permanently deleted or anonymized to the extent it is rendered unusable.

    2. For customers with insurance coverage or open cases, we may retain account information required to service your account (data to be used only for this purpose).

    3. Additionally, we will keep a record of your data deletion request.

  4. Receive confirmation of deletion. Once completed, we will confirm with you via the communication channel that you requested.