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Our employees’ work-life balance is important to us, and we respect personal flexibility and family time.
What matters most is your commitment to the work that you do and our team. We’re all in this together!

“The environment at Iris is unique both in my personal experience and having talked with other developers; not only is it incredibly open and welcoming but the amount and diversity of skill present is incredible.” - Iris Front-End Developer


Our products are designed to make customers' lives more secure, and we're proud to say that they're making a difference.


We develop new ways of doing things and help make the world a better place by making our products more efficient, effective, and helpful.


We understand that no matter how much consumers may love a product, it’s not going to be worth very much if it doesn’t help them get what they need.


We know that the pace of building software is fast, and we're always looking for ways to make it faster.


We are a cross-functional team of engineers, developers, designers, and data scientists who work together to solve real-world problems.

Continuous Learning

We love to stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest in our industry and we're always researching new ways to improve our processes and employees. 

A Few of Our Partners

Technologies We Use

We use a variety of technologies to support our product and infrastructure. Here is a list of some of the key ones we use every day:

  • React
  • Redux
  • React Router
  • Emotion 
  • LinguiJS (i18n)
  • Ant Design (+ our custom components/ 
  • Webpack
  • Babel
  • Jest
  • Swagger
  • MirageJS
  • Cypress

  • Java
  • NodeJS
  • Atlassian suite (JIRA, BitBucket, & Confluence)
  • Slack
  • Teams
  • IntelliJ IDEA

We use AWS extensively, including:


  • ECS
  • EC2
  • Lambda


  • RDS
  • DynamoDB

Infrastructure as Code

  • CloudFormation/SAM
  • Terraform


  • S3
  • SQS & SNS
  • Redis
  • API Gateway
  • Jenkins

Our Team

Our relatively flat reporting structure allows us to work collaboratively in cross-functional teams that unite around specific product missions. Our teams include six senior developers and architects, all experienced in a plethora of technologies. Teams are led by a senior developer and a product lead with coordination support from our Scrum Master to keep us all on track!


Your Questions Answered

What is the team’s level of expertise?

Our teams are comprised of a mix of senior, mid-level, and junior developers. We promote a learning environment where everyone has an opportunity to learn something new and share what they already know.

Can I work from home?

The answer is twofold! We have two types of employees:

1) Fully remote employees that live outside of the Washington, D.C. metro area, and

2) In-offce employees employees who are expected to be in the office 50% of the calendar year and have the flexibility to work remotely the other days.

What is the release schedule?

We have one planned release every Tuesday.

Does Iris provide home office equipment?

It’s important to us that you are fully equipped with all the tools you need to perform your best. You’ll receive a MacBook Pro, monitors, and related equipment. We also provide up to $150 in office equipment reimbursement for anything else you may need or want for your home office, including desk, desk chair, etc.

What kind of projects does the team work on?

We focus on a mix of projects, including new product features, product improvements/refactoring, infrastructure, and day-to-day product delivery.

What professional growth and training opportunities will I have?

Your professional development is important to us. We want you to grow in your career and will work with you to understand the path you want to take so you’re learning and developing the right skills.

  • Internal trainings: We offer training on best/appropriate use of various technologies and standards (AWS, Security, PCI, Application development practices, etc.) and host biweekly knowledge sharing sessions.

  • On-the-job training: We encourage you to pair with more senior members of the team and participate in maintaining technical excellence through code review.

  • Company paid training: We offer developers up to a week of company paid training.

No matter the path, we have tailored opportunities to help you reach your personal goals.

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