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Mar 13, 2017 bjohnson

Do Customers and Employees Devices Make Them Vulnerable to Hackers?

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Recent documents released by WikiLeaks states the Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.) successfully hacked into devices by attacking outdated versions of the software systems running on tech products such as smart phones, televisions, personal computers and internet routers. This breaking news has many consumers more worried than ever about how vulnerable they are to cyber hacks and how to prevent them.

Even if your customers and employees are not worried about the C.I.A. hacking them as the WikiLeaks documents state, they should stay vigilant and proactive in protecting their devices from nefarious individuals looking to steal sensitive data to use to commit fraud.

Take the following steps to mitigate cybersecurity risks.

  • Download the latest operating system on smartphones and computers

  • Utilize lock screens and PIN codes

  • Install the latest firmware updates on routers

  • Install the latest antivirus software on computers

As we become more connected with multiple devices, prying eyes are getting smarter in using new and more convincing tactics to obtain confidential information needed to steal identities. One of our latest infographics states some of the lesser-known but common tactics used to obtain sensitive data and how to avoid becoming a victim.

In addition to updating devices with the latest security patches and antivirus software, one of the best ways your customers and employees can protect their data is with a comprehensive identity protection program from Generali Global Assistance which will alert them of suspicious use of their personal data. When they look to the companies they trust for the identity and digital protection they need, shouldn’t they find it at your institution? Request a demo to learn more about how GGA can help protect your customers and employees, while helping your organization meet its revenue and/or retention goals.

Published by bjohnson March 13, 2017