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Feb 17, 2017 bjohnson

Infographic: Combating Cybercrime is a Shared Responsibility

Each year the number and sophistication of cyber attacks worldwide swells. Attacks against businesses large and small, governments, and individuals are now simply par for the course. A recent study conducted by TeleSign reports that a whopping 51% of internet users have gotten hacked in the last 12 months. CNBC can perhaps shed a little light: in 2016 they reported that the average large business saw 3.6 successful cyberattacks. Additionally, 75 percent of legitimate websites have vulnerabilities that potentially expose them — and anyone who visits their sites — to cybercriminals, putting enormous numbers of users and company networks at risk.

Cyber Awareness Month Resources

As the cyber threat landscape continues to evolve, it’s become increasingly important for businesses and consumers to be in the know. Recognizing this, the National Cyber Security Alliance launched their annual cyber awareness month initiative, during which they publish a number of resources including the below infographic – 5 Top Reported Cyber Scams – to help businesses and users combat the tireless world of cybercrime. Do your part in combatting cybercrime by sharing these tips with your employees and customers to help them keep their data and your company networks secure.

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Click here to view and download the infographic.

Published by bjohnson February 17, 2017