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Jul 19, 2017 bjohnson

Enterprise Solutions White Paper: A New Customer Loyalty Paradigm

Enterprise Solutions that Drive Loyalty to the Rescue

Discover Enterprise Solutions that More Effectively Demonstrate Your Organization’s Loyalty

It’s time brands demonstrate their loyalty to customers!

Does your company have a loyalty program that delivers value, addressing your customers’ most important needs? Is it a successful one that actually puts customers first?

In our white paper, A New Customer Loyalty Paradigm: Adding a Program That Demonstrates Your Organization’s Own Loyalty, we make a case for a new approach to the loyalty program model and recommend enterprise solutions that more successfully drive customer loyalty.

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We explore how companies can show commitment to their customers by revamping or implementing a loyalty program that focuses on exceeding customers’ expectations with value-added benefits or additional service options.

We also consider how brands can use Harvard Business Review’s (HBR) Elements of Value model as a guide to ensure their products and services deliver fundamental value that address what’s most important—customers’ needs—to increase loyalty in authentic, effective ways.

Aiming to offer relevant, valued benefits and services makes good business sense. In A New Customer Loyalty Paradigm: Adding a Program That Demonstrates Your Organization’s Own Loyaltywe discuss how adding a program that protects your customers’ most valuable asset—their identities—is a relevant, valued service that encourages a meaningful customer-brand relationship; loyalty from both your company and your customers alike.

We discuss criteria to consider when evaluating enterprise solutions providers whose products and services will be utilized to help drive customer loyalty. We also to invite your company to strategically partner with us to offer identity protection services as an added benefit or additional service option to your customers, and show you how easy it is to implement a program.

If your customers’ well-being is a top priority, consider a new customer-focused loyalty program through a strategic partnership with an enterprise solutions provider whose values align with you company’s own values.

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Published by bjohnson July 19, 2017