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Feb 20, 2020 johnwechsler

Generali Global Assistance Launches Self-Service Fraud Alert Feature

Generali Global Assistance (“GGA”), the developer of a proprietary and innovative identity and cyber protection platform, today announced that it has added a self-service fraud alert function to its customer identity protection portal, Iris®, as an additional product feature.

A fraud alert is a notice placed on a customer’s credit report that instructs creditors to notify the protected customer before opening a new account in his or her name. This new self-service fraud alert option enables identity protection portal users to respond quickly to unauthorized and potentially fraudulent activity involving their identity and lines of credit.

Paige Schaffer, CEO, Global Identity and Cyber Protection Services, commented on today’s news, “With the launch of this new in-portal option, customers can now activate a fraud alert right in the tool and notify creditors to take reasonable steps to verify their identity before issuing credit. This can provide customers with an early warning that their identity has been compromised and an additional safety net against the opening of fraudulent credit accounts. Our team is continually improving our identity protection portal and seeking ways to empower consumers to better protect themselves from any threats to their identity with new features such as self-service fraud alert functionality.”

Traditionally, customers that want to place fraud alerts on their credit reports need to contact GGA’s resolution center to connect with one of the credit bureaus directly to activate a fraud alert. With GGA’s self-service feature, a fraud alert can now easily be activated directly through its portal. Once a customer logs onto the portal, they will see an option for activating a fraud alert. After following the onscreen prompts and verifying their identity, the fraud alert notice will be active on their credit report for a period of one year.

“A simple identity verification process is all that’s needed to activate continuous credit fraud monitoring, providing our customers and our client’s customers – such as credit unions, banks, and insurers – with additional peace of mind,” concluded Schaffer.     

The Generali Global Assistance team will be attending the CUNA Governmental Affairs Conference in Washington D.C. from February 23 – 27, 2020. At their booth, GGA will be hosting the Washington Nationals’ Racing Abe and will be conducting a raffle for guests to win a new iPad.  

Visit GGA’s booth, #708, in the main exhibition hall to see Racing Abe, enter for a chance to win an iPad, and to learn more about the Iris® platform and the self-service fraud alert feature.

About Generali Global Assistance 

Generali Global Assistance has been a leading provider of identity and cyber protection solutions, travel insurance, and other assistance services for more than 35 years.  The Company offers a full suite of innovative, vertically integrated travel insurance and emergency services, identity protection solutions, and beneficiary companion services.  Generali Global Assistance is part of the multinational Generali Group, which for over 185 years has created a presence in 60 countries with over 74,000 employees.  Our success has been built on the foundation of trust that clients have placed in our ability to provide assistance in the most difficult of circumstances.

To learn more about Generali Global Assistance’s identity protection offering, please visit  Iris Identity Protection.


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Published by johnwechsler February 20, 2020