Video: The People That Make Us #PeopleFirst

At Generali Global Assistance we proudly say we are a #PeopleFirst company. However, #PeopleFirst could seem generic or indistinct to some, so we asked our Identity Theft Resolution Services team members to tell us what it means to them. We received a number of varying responses including the following:

“#PeopleFirst is not a slogan, but a work ethic and vision that keeps me motivated every moment!” – Mohammad

“#PeopleFirst [is] allowing our company to put others first, being reliable, sufficient and nurturing to our clients [while] providing customer service and care.” – Nicole

“#PeopleFirst means being thankful for my awesome co-workers and helping others through my work!” – Megan

“#PeopleFirst [is] creating and maintaining a caring culture.” – Mercy

It’s clear that central to all employees’ interpretations of #PeopleFirst is providing excellent identity theft resolution services to our customers, care to their colleagues and having integrity in their work – and as  pioneers of the care revolution, we couldn’t be more proud of that.

#PeopleFirst is at the core of who Generali Global Assistance is as a company and its execution is made possible by our incredible team, who truly deserve all the credit.

So, we created a video series highlighting the people that make us #PeopleFirst. To us, their commitment to our customers comes across in the work that they do and we hope this video series gives you a glimpse into their dedication to provide high-quality identity theft resolution services.

Watch the video below for an introduction to our extraordinary team.


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