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Feb 15, 2022 Brittani Johnson

Let Us (Re)Introduce Iris...

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At Iris® Powered by Generali, we’ve undergone tremendous changes within our organization in just the past year. There are a lot of external ones – like the name of our company and the location of our office – but we’ve also changed a lot on the inside, too. So much so, that we feel it’s important to take some time to (re)introduce Iris, explain what makes her different, and chat about her favorite color. (Just kidding on the last part – though, if we had to guess, it’d be a nice shade of blue.)

All joking aside, Iris takes identity theft and cybercrime seriously. And while that might be a given, that seriousness is manifested in a number of ways that make how we approach partnerships, customer service, user experience, and even technology a bit different. It's why we’re more than a software company. Ultimately, our end goal in all that we do is to simplify protecting people’s identities and data, while also making it more accessible than ever. At Iris, we know the best way to do that and help you reach your goals is to deliver solutions that work for you, and to educate users so that they’re as best protected against identity theft and cybercrime as possible.

While customizing solutions is a strength, we strive to go well beyond simply delivering high-quality software tailored to your specifications by not just focusing on feature presentation. Our role is to evaluate the efficacy of these services and to provide you with insights and best-of-breed delivery and management options to help you succeed. Ultimately, we work with you to figure out how to best partner with you to help solve market challenges, meet your business goals, and make a difference in the lives we help protect; sometimes the answer is further developing or building out our software platform, and sometimes it’s not. If we simply saw ourselves as a software company, we would be doing ourselves, our partners, their users, and the market as a whole a disservice. We’d be limiting ourselves to offering just software solutions – and sometimes that’s not enough.

We know this firsthand because of our unique history as an organization, which has made us something of an anomaly in the security sector. Our roots are in the assistance industry, and we’ve held them close to our heart. We opened our doors back in 1983 with a simple mission: “to bring customers from distress to relief – anytime, anywhere.” It’s this calling that inspired us to launch a service to help identity theft victims in their times of need back in 2003. They needed a compassionate and caring expert to aid in the notoriously difficult recovery process, and that hasn’t changed in the decades since.

Our entire business has been built on the word “care,” and that will always be core to who we are and who Iris is. People are the reason we do what we do; they’re the reason for how we do it; and they’re the reason why we do it. Putting people first, always, makes how we view and build our technology different than any other identity and cyber protection provider out there.

This is what makes us both a people-first software company and a tech-forward people company. Perhaps it’s a strange niche to be in, but we’re okay with that. At Iris, this allows us to better care for our partners, customers, and employees – and that means we’re doing our job right.

Published by Brittani Johnson February 15, 2022