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Jul 31, 2023 Brittani Johnson

What Sets Iris Apart? Our Approach to Customer Service and Resolution

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At Iris Powered by Generali, we take a different approach to identity fraud and theft resolution. As one of the first providers of identity protection services in the US, we recognize that our service is an extension of our partners’ brand, which can substantially affect their customers’ experience, and, ultimately, their company’s success. That’s one of the reasons why we are committed to offering award-winning service while also ensuring that we treat our end customers – victims of identity theft, fraud, or cybercrime – with the utmost compassion, empathy, and patience.

To share even more details about some of the factors that make our approach to identity fraud resolution and customer service different from other identity protection providers, we spoke with a few people who make up our Resolution Center team and captured it on video just for you. Check it out now!



Some of the information was just too good not to share, so read the below for even more insights from our VP of Global Service Delivery, Sidick Traore, and our Resolution Center Manager, Eugene Nakouye.

What metrics does the Iris Resolution Center uses to help determine if we’re achieving our goal of providing excellent customer service?

Sidick Traore – VP, Global Service Delivery: One metric I can tell you that we’re not using is Average Handling Time. We don’t rush customers off the phone just so we can take the next one. We do not care how long our agents take on the phone. What we care about is the ultimate outcome.

Our main focus is our Net Promoter Score and our overall customer satisfaction. We want to answer the phone really quickly, and we want to ensure that every person who calls us is satisfied with the service and assistance. Those have been the main standards as far as measuring our quality.

Eugene Nakouye – Resolution Center Manager: We have a QA department that constantly reviews agents’ interactions with our end customers – that can be a call, an email, or whatever the means of communication – to help make sure that we are living up to the standards we have set, and that great customer service is provided to all customers calling us in need of assistance

What Identity Fraud Resolution Service Experience Are You Providing Your Customers?

According to our recent research, 74% of US consumers indicated they are worried about identity theft. 27% are very worried. The good news: 76% agreed, “to feel truly protected from identity thieves, I’d need the help of a trained expert.

Let Iris help you provide your customers with the expert assistance they’re seeking.

Partnering with Iris Powered by Generali can help you meet your customers’ needs – and help you stand out in a highly-competitive market, all while increasing customer loyalty. With a year-to-date customer satisfaction score of 96%, we know our Resolution Specialists will treat your customers with the compassion and empathy they deserve.

Our 24/7/365, US-based team is also award-winning, with 17 customer service excellence awards over the last nine years under their belt. We maintain a high overall satisfaction and pride ourselves on our YTD average Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 91 and average speed of answer of 9 seconds. And while some companies are happy to get the occasional testimonial, we get hundreds a month, routinely exceeding expectations.

Interested in learning more about our award-winning fraud resolution assistance and customer service? Learn more here.

Published by Brittani Johnson July 31, 2023