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Jun 01, 2016 bjohnson

Series Introduction: Protecting Employees’ Identities

fraud prevention team members

Smart employers are always on the lookout for valuable benefits to provide their employees. Research has shown again and again that providing a diverse portfolio of timely and relevant benefits can help companies:

  • Attract a more talented pool of candidates
  • Drive employee retention
  • Improve performance in the workplace

Identity thieves are getting more and more clever everydayThere were over 15 million victims in 2016 and there’s a new victim every 2 seconds. Chances are, if you’re an employer, at least one of your employees has been a victim or will become one. This isn’t only bad news for your employees, it could also be bad news for your company. Identity theft can take a significant number of hours during the workday to resolve – hours of unfocused time in the office. Paperwork, phone calls, police reports – there is much to be done to make things right, and the time spent resolving it can result in significant losses to workplace productivity. Additionally, compromised personal data stolen by identity thieves can include sensitive corporate data that can lead to large-scale data breaches.

This is why identity protection is becoming an increasingly popular “non-traditional” benefit – it demonstrates a strong commitment to employees, supports employee productivity and minimizes risk to your company.

Read the Fraud Prevention full series to learn some of the not-so-apparent ways that your employees can become exposed to identity theft, including while traveling and wearing smart devices.

We will also review ways to your company can minimize your vulnerabilities to hackers looking to steal your employee and customer or member data. (Spoiler: a proactive identity protection program is one of the most effective ways).

Stay tuned!

Published by bjohnson June 1, 2016