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Aug 29, 2023 Brittani Johnson

What Sets Iris Apart from the Rest? Our Approach to Account Management

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So, you decided to work with a third-party provider to deliver a new service to your customers. Great! But what happens after you’ve launched the new service? How are you getting insights into utilization, activity, and engagement? Is anyone from the third-party company staying in regular contact with you to help you strategize and get the most out of your experience – and help you strategize ways for your customers to get the most out of theirs??

There are many providers out there that can help you build an identity protection experience, but you don’t want to find yourself with a new service to nurture without ongoing account management support.

At Iris® Powered by Generali, our partners are introduced to their account director at the very beginning – even before introductions to your onboarding team and marketing support – as your account director’s role is critical to understanding your business goals and objectives to help ensure your identity protection experience is successfully delivered, launched, and managed. You should feel confident that your account director understands your company’s overall needs, wants, and challenges so they can be your champion, dedicated to the success of your identity protection experience and business alike.

To help put faces to the people who make up the team, we sat down with Iris’ Account Management team so they could tell you themselves about the approach they take to support our partners, how account directors are matched with new partners, best practices the team follows, and what it means to them to be people-first, technology forward.

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Published by Brittani Johnson August 29, 2023