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Feb 08, 2018 bjohnson

Identity Protection without Compromise: Technology

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Having offered co-branded and client-branded identity protection to consumers via some of the largest U.S. insurance and financial companies for 15 years, we’ve learned a lot about what consumers and partners have come to expect from identity protection services and we’ve noticed the similarities can be summarized in one word – compromise.

What We Mean by “Compromise”

When we have discussed with prospective partners and consumers what their expectations are for identity protection providers, we have learned that more often than not the providers they have evaluated are lacking in the technology they are looking for. At first glance their products may appear to be very feature-rich. However, too often identity protection service providers don’t start in the right place when developing their features and services - by looking at the people they will serve. This approach leads to the development of products pumped full of features that don’t protect them from the risks they are most often facing. Products like these do not add value to the consumers’ lives nor build their loyalty to the organization they purchased it through. Furthermore, such products may provide customers with a false sense of security that they are protected against more threats than they actually are and in doing so, be more harmful than helpful.

At Generali Global Assistance (GGA) we pride ourselves on being a people-first organization. To us, being people-first means providing excellent service to our customers, care to our colleagues and having integrity in our work. We believe the key to achieving that is to keep the people behind the data at the heart of our work. We do that by continually researching the challenges potential customers and partners are actually facing and concerned about, and developing technology and services to address those needs. Additionally, we continuously conduct user testing to ensure our product is user-friendly, and in doing so encourage the level of engagement that maximizes customers’ protection. This helps us ensure that our partners and their customers don’t have to compromise on having identity protection that actually adds value to their lives and businesses.

Beyond Credit Monitoring: Powerful Technology with Personal Preference

While we pride ourselves on providing technology and services that meet customers’ needs and helps our partners achieve their business and program goals, we understand that one size does not fit all. Our research has shown that consumers are hesitant to share sensitive data with organizations they do not already have established relationships with and trust in. That is why we provide comprehensive identity and digital protection technology for customers with the ability to choose how and when to engage. This flexibility gives customers the peace of mind that they are seeking, in a way that best fits their lifestyle and comfortability, and in doing so best builds their loyalty to the organizations offering them the service.

From one easy-to-use online dashboard, our customers can:

  • Quickly access their credit monitoring, reports, and scores – monthly, not annually
  • Review any identity and credit monitoring alerts and address them online or contact our resolution center to speak with a real person
  • Adjust how much or how little is monitored in their identity monitoring – with no limits on data points
  • Download our Online Data Protection software suite for a more secure internet experience
  • Peruse the comprehensive resources library to educate themselves on the latest identity theft and fraud risks and mitigation tips

Meeting Your Customers’ Needs with a Product that Helps Achieve Business Goals

In this increasingly competitive consumer products and services market, we understand it’s more challenging than ever for businesses such as yours to find products and services to offer that are powerful and customizable enough to truly add value to the quality of your customers’ lives and differentiate your organization. Moreover, finding such a service from trusted partner dedicated to helping you meet your unique business and program goals can be even more challenging. At GGA we pride ourselves on doing just that. Putting people first – employees, clients, and customers – is not just a philosophy, it’s our culture. As our clients’ trusted partner in identity protection, we endeavor to always provide customer-centric technology and award-winning service.

With 55% of consumers reporting they are likely to purchase identity protection service and 40% reporting they’re very likely to purchase identity protection from a financial or insurance institution they already trust, like yours, there has never been a better time to learn about offering identity protection services from GGA. To learn more about how our identity protection can help you achieve your business goals, request a demo.

Published by bjohnson February 8, 2018