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Aug 25, 2022 Brittani Johnson

Customer Experience: Is There Room for Empathy? Webinar Highlights

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Customer service is more than just a task or responsibility that’s part of an employee’s job description. It should be part of the entire organization’s culture. Quality customer service (or lack thereof) represents your company’s brand reputation and image, mission, and values. As such, many consumers may choose to close their account or stop doing business with your company if they have a negative or poor experience – especially if it’s a repeat offense. According to Javelin Strategy & Research, 19% of consumers say they will leave their financial institution due to poor customer service. But, even if the customer doesn’t stop doing business with your company, you can guarantee they will warn their friends, colleagues, and social networks to steer clear.

A recent survey found that companies rank customer experience as the top priority for their business in the next five years – beating product and pricing. This isn’t surprising as 74% of consumers are somewhat or very likely to buy from a company based entirely on their experience – regardless of the price or product.

And while quality customer service in general helps make for a successful business, delivering exceptional service to customers in times of distress is a must for any business. Whether your company has a dedicated fraud department or someone in customer service handling a fraud-related case, it’s important to consider the customer experience and how you want your customers to feel when doing business with your organization.

During our webinar, “Customer Experience: Is There Room for Empathy,” a panel of thought leaders convened to share their thoughts and insights around the impact of identity fraud on consumers, consumer sentiment regarding the fraud resolution process, metrics to help organizations measure customer satisfaction, and much more.

“I won’t name any brands, but I think if we were asked to name some brands that have the best customer service and some brands that have the worst customer service, we’d probably agree on at least one or two. That really highlights the fact that even if a customer doesn’t take the effort to leave, they certainly won’t be pointing new customers your direction.” – Eugenia Blackstone, Chief Marketing Officer with Iris Powered by Generali

“Is there room for empathy? Absolutely. And it should be one of the first things that you layer in. You can have all the technology in the world, but if there’s no one behind it who is trying to turn this negative experience for a fraud victim into as positive experience it can be, there’s nothing there.” – Suzanne Sando, Senior Analyst with Javelin Strategy & Research

“I read a quote that said, “Cybercrime is not committed by machines; humans are the ones behind it committing the crime. So, I beg to say then humans should be the ones displaying the empathy that is needed, not a machine trying to resolve a problem. That should be our guiding principle.” – Patrice Bobala, Head of Global IDP Knowledge & QA with Iris Powered by Generali

“Overall, anyone can have a customer service center. Anyone could. What can we do that changes someone’s day? It’s as simple as that. It’s all about setting up your employees for success. How can we change someone’s entire world? It can be something as simple as saying hello or knowing someone’s name. It’s [answering the question]: what can we do to blow the customer’s mind?” – Jennifer Mariani, Director of Member Services with Legal Resources

What Experience Are You Providing Your Customers?

Over one-third (36%) of consumers wish they had been treated like a victim and not a burden during the fraud resolution process. What’s more, when polling the live audience, 67% of attendees said they are very unlikely to do business with a company after experiencing poor customer service. Consumers want – nay, demand – exceptional service that makes them a priority.

Partnering with Iris Powered by Generali can help you meet your customers’ needs. With a year-to-date NPS of 84 and overall customer satisfaction of 94%, we know our award-winning, people-first customer service and Resolution Specialists will treat your customers as if they’re family.

Additionally, offering comprehensive identity and cyber protection doesn’t just help position you as a trusted advisor, it allows you to have more positive and ongoing touchpoints with your customers, all while providing customers a service they value and are looking to purchase from businesses like yours – financial institutions, smart home technology providers, insurance carriers, and cybersecurity providers.

Watch the full webinar to hear expert insights as well as tips to help you improve the customer service experience you’re providing. Be sure to check out our accompanying whitepaper for a more in-depth look at some of the research featured in the recording.

Watch the webinar today!

Published by Brittani Johnson August 25, 2022