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May 01, 2017 bjohnson

Don’t Let Identity “Protection” Catch Your Employees Off-Guard

It’s never been as important as now to take steps to minimize the risk of identity theft for your employees. When researching for an identity protection provider for your company to offer them, you may be surprised to find that some of the most well-known identity protection providers aren’t always what they seem to be. Your company should partner up with a trusted industry leader whose values match yours.

At Generali Global Assistance, we pride ourselves in offering top notch identity protection services. Our people-first approach is what drives our award-winning marketing and resolution center teams to provide such high quality support. Our marketing and account management teams work closely with our clients to offer personalized and effective program growth support that helps them meet their business goals. Our resolution specialists provide compassionate, white-glove prevention and resolution services to our partners’ employees – that is a positive extension of their brand.

Here are few values to consider when offering identity protection to your employees:

  • Comprehensive
    Our identity protection products are not only offered at one of the most competitive prices but also our flexible bundles allow you to offer the features that meet your employees’ needs. Our products include advanced monitoring technology and award-winning customer service to minimize the risk of identity theft and quickly resolve any issues that arise. Our 360° approach includes:
    • Prevention to defend personal information and secure digital profile
    • Monitoring to track identity risk level and detect fraud early via advanced identity monitoring and credit monitoring
    • Alerts to see suspicious activity and take action
    • Resolution to repair problems quickly and easily with help from our Resolution Experts
  • Compassionate
    We’ve been helping others in their time of need for more than 30 years. Our award-winning U.S.-based resolution specialists take a knowledgeable, empathetic approach to every identity theft case. Unlike many of our competitors, we spend as much time as necessary to ensure each customer is confident that their identity is secure, and can provide that support to customers in 46 different languages.
  • Easy
    Our expertly-designed identity protection platform creates a seamless experience for your employees. Our straight-forward administration and hands-on account management team makes it a hassle-free experience for you. Finally, our award-winning marketing support grows your bottom line and helps achieve your business goals.
  • Trusted
    Our successful, long-standing partnerships with the world’s most innovative enterprises is built on a consistent, disciplined approach to compliance and security that could only be attained by a stable global corporation that consumers have trusted for 30 years.

To learn more about the benefits of offering identity protection services and partnering with a company whose values match yours, request a demo.

Published by bjohnson May 1, 2017